Voted Best Pineapple Tarts in Singapore

From our humble beginnings in 1983, we are now proud to serve our award-winning pineapple tart that built our family legacy.

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The Pineapple Travels
Originally from South America, the ananas comosus, aka “pineapple”, was discovered in 1493 by Italian explorer Christopher Columbus. The origins of the fruit’s common name can be traced back to Columbus’ observation of its scaly exterior, which is said to bear a resemblance to pine cones. Fascinated by the delicious fruit, Columbus brought it back to Europe, where it gained the interest of European travellers and were distributed in the 16th and 17th centuries to various parts of the world.
In the late 19th century, pineapple plantations in Malaya thrived, so much that the fruit had to be canned to preserve it. Singapore then began exporting canned pineapples where she became a major player in the global pineapple-canning industry!
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Tart In The Oven
Amidst the abundance of pineapples, the pineapple tart was born!
The melting pot of cultures in Singapore then gave rise to a tart of Portuguese-influenced soft buttery pastry base, and a Nonya-style pineapple jam of local spices like star anise, cloves and cinnamon.
Today, it is a popular festive snack in Singapore across many cultures.
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KELE: Beginnings & Philosophy
In 1983, KELE started a humble confectionery serving a selection of traditional festive goodies, including the great pineapple tart!
We took the utmost care in hand-crafting the pastries with one philosophy in mind: Quality.
Whether it's Pineapple Tarts, Cookies, Mooncakes or other snacks, there is absolutely no compromise on using the best ingredients.
In our quest to be the Singapore brand for pineapple tarts, we continuously worked on our craft and family recipe. We even created new flavours to add to our selection.
30 years on, KELE’s pineapple tarts achieved acclaim and were “Voted Best Pineapple Tarts in Singapore”. We are now synonymous with Pineapple Tarts where every year our tarts are well sold out months before Lunar New Year.
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Our Customer, Our Friend
We could not have built our legacy without the invaluable contribution beyond our kitchen.
The high quality of our pastries is made possible with feedback from our very loyal customers. Customers who have become our friends.
It is these friendships that keep us humble and happy to pay it forward with our delicious Gifts of Prosperity.
Curious about our award-winning pineapple tarts? Wondering about the taste of these sweet Gifts of Prosperity?
KELE welcomes you to our store to find out more. You just might find the perfect pineapple pastry as a meaningful gift to your loved ones, or yourself!
Stay tuned for new promotions!
Looking for a ful-filling career in the F&B industry? KELE might be it.
At KELE, you’ll get to work with a family of passionate pastry-makers who strive for quality and innovation in our creations. While we work hard at our craft, we also aim to do so in a happy and cheerful working environment.
And the icing on the cake? You’ll be working in the midst of our delicious pastries and even get to try new creations first-hand too!
If you think you’ll be a sweet addition to our team, email us at career@kele.sg with your resume telling us how you would like to contribute to KELE. We’ll notify you if there is a job opportunity!
We are always happy to receive feedback, suggestions and requests for collaborations! Do allow us some time to get back to you.
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